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“Anthony Walker is a world class musician, period.”

Gary Hines
Founder, director, songwriter, producer w/Grammy Award winning Sounds of Blackness

“Anthony Walker is one of the most accomplished and gifted musicians in this industry. He has worked with me for almost twenty years, and I am still amazed at the gift that God has given him. His musical expertise in general and knowledge on the keyboard is second to none. This combined with his wonderful spirit has and will continue to open many doors for him.”

Richard Smallwood
Grammy, Stellar, and Dove award winning pianist, composer, singer, producer

“Anthony Walker is one of the smoothest and cleanest players I’ve ever experienced playing with. His sense of comprehending and accompanying is impeccable. His style is as pure as fresh water and his gift can also cut like a razor blade all at the same time.”

Jonathan DuBose Jr.
Guitarist with Harry Connick, Jr. and sought after session musician

“Anthony Walker?? Sheer brilliance! How else do you describe someone who is that fluent in so many styles of music? Jazz, classical, gospel….he fuses them together so beautifully, he’s da best! But hey, maybe I’m biased….he’s my big brother, my Yoda, the cat that taught me. Tanx man!”

James Poyser
Grammy award winning Neo Soul producer, composer, keyboardist

“Today I was speaking with a professor who has several Phd’s in music and has performed all over the world, only to find out that he went to graduate school with Anthony Walker.His eyes teared up when he said, “”I wasn’t a Christian when I met Tony…Tony…the most incredible musician I’ve ever met, but I was most impressed with his commitment to his faith, and I’ve never met a man with more integrity than Tony Walker. What a standard!”” I totally agree! People, we do have musicians with incredible talent, and impeccable standards…Tony Walker, what a great model…copy that…please somebody! Tony, I was so proud and honored to know you my brother! And by the way…that professor was so impressed, he is a Christian today!”

Steven Ford
Grammy, Dove and Stellar award winning producer, composer, keyboard virtuoso and author